The professional staff at WCS can provide quality and experience in the following areas:


  • Voice Conversions
  • Channel Bank Installations
  • Demarcation Extensions
  • Dial Tone Testing
  • Inside Customer Moves
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Project Management
  • T-1 and DS3 Circuit Testing
  • Phone System Installation


  • CPE Installations
  • D-Slam Installations
  • High Speed Internet Conversions
  • High Speed Internet Installations
  • Circuit Testing
  • Circuit Demark Extensions
  • Project Management
  • T-1 and DS3 Circuit Testing
  • DSL Installation and Support


  • Fixed Point to Point Installations
  • Site Certification and Call Testing
  • T-1 and DS3 Circuit Testing
  • RST and LET Qualified
  • Hub Qualified
  • Site Augmentations
  • Technical Consultation
  • Project Management


  • Voice Cabling
  • Data Cabling and Certification
  • Coaxial Cabling
  • Pre-wire and Post-wire
  • Aerial and Underground
  • Custom Installations
  • Fiber Optic Cabling


  • Install wired/wireless routers
  • Program router
  • Setup users


  • Flat Panel TV Installs
  • PC Wiring to Projector
  • HDMI Extensions
  • Composite and Component Wiring
  • Speaker(s) Install
  • VCR/DVD Players
  • Receivers and Amplifiers

Our Project Managers have implemented support in several states for some of our larger customers. Referrals given upon request. Just contact Glenn Hettinger with your specific request.

Glenn Hettinger
2514 Billingsley Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Office: 855-799-2185 Fax: 614-799-9055
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