WCS has built relationships with many companies within the Telecommunications industry. Once we find out what your needs are we can either provide you with equipment or service directly from our company or point you in the right direction.

Below is a list of how we can support your equipment and/or service needs:


Along with being able to provide you with wiring support and the installation of Telecommunications equipment, WCS can also provide you with solutions for your local and long distance services. We have established relations with most of the local phone companies. Each of them are unique and provide different services. Since they are all good companies and there are many to choose from, let WCS analyze your needs and help you choose who would best suite your needs.

Telecom Equipment

WCS can provide you with several options for the sale and purchase of Telecommunications equipment. We can either provide you with the equipment directly or put you in contact with a supplier that would best suite your needs. You can choose from new or refurbished equipment, and all is guaranteed.

Video Equipment

WCS can provide Flat Panels, Projectors and Audio/Video equipment. We will also provide installation, setup and training.

Note: For a detailed list of what services we provide, go to our Services Page