About Our Business

WCS, Inc. was founded in September of 2001 and started operations in January of 2002. Prior to that I had spent many years in the cabling industry as well as a General Manager for another telecommunication company. When I started the company I brought years of telecommunications and business experience with me.

I understood the need to provide a quality service at better than competitive prices.

Since starting in Columbus, Ohio, We have increased staffing and areas of coverage. Aside from direct support regionally, we can also manage projects and accounts nationwide. I have been very fortunate to hire a terrific staff of technicians and supervisors company wide. Having great customers and a great staff is what makes our company great!

Please feel free to contact me directly.

Glenn Hettinger
2514 Billingsley Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Office: 855-799-2185 Fax: 614-799-9055
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